Understanding The Potential Side Effects Of Using Clenbuterol Aka Clen

More often than not, individuals use certain drugs for varying purposes other than what they were meant for in a bid to attain the desired effects. Clenbuterol a.k.a. clen is one of the drugs that has commonly been used for such purposes. Initially, it was created to treat asthma among other respiratory issues. Nonetheless, more people are increasingly using it as a performance enhancing drug and weight loss agent without understanding some of the potential side effects associated with the drug.

• Sleep Complications

By using Clen, you may subject yourself to sleep issues such as insomnia, which is the ability to remain asleep or fall asleep. Mainly, this happens due to its stimulant properties. In fact, having nervous thoughts can cause you to stay awake at night.

• Anxiety and Nervousness

Using Clenbuterol can yield to various emotional side effects including paranoia, edginess, severe nervousness and anxiety. You may also experience hand tremors, which may inhibit the ability to hold objects, write or type steadily.  If you suffer from anxiety, depression among other psychological problems, you stand a high chance of being a victim of these issues after using Clen.

• Cardiac Hypertrophy

This is among the greatest concerns of using clenbuterol a.k.a. clen. Cardiac hypertrophy entails the widening of the ventricles.  Hence, you are highly advised to adhere to the recommended dosage if you intend to use the drug.

• Unexpected Weight Gain

You may be tempted to use Clen due to the popular claims that the drug can cause weight loss without the need for altered eating habits or exercise.  Bear in mind that using the drug puts you at risk of gaining sudden weight, especially due to prolonged use of the drug. Clen has the potential to negatively alter your metabolism, which may result in increased body weight.

Despite the claims about the miraculous weight loss effects of using Clenbuterol, you need to weigh the advantages versus the harmful effects of using the drug.  In fact, consulting a good physician can help you understand the drug better.