Steroid Cycles Are Just Cycles

You’ve decided you are going to be the next Greek Myth by hitting the gym daily, punishing your body beyond any human parameters of endurance, pushing until you puke, giving up any social life you may have had all for the purpose of living the dream. You love being shredded. Maybe you have contemplated entering into contests or have been encouraged to do so? Or, maybe you have even won some junior level competitions and your Ego (sorry, everyone has one–the Buddha tells me so) just won’t let you put it to rest. You find yourself captivated by not only a pile of free weights but also any mirror that you happen to walk past, cursing yourself for not being shredded enough, you slacker, what would Ahnie think??? And God help the poor soul (already impressed by your impressively burgeoning physique)ask you for the time. “Hmm, let’s see,” you mumble as you flex your bicep and lift your wrist to your nose. “I got half past…AWESOME!!!!”

Eye rolls. Timer seeker shakes head and wonders off.

Are the steroids – effecting your mind? Because there is no real fast and hard numbers to accurately reflect the number of lives ruined or at least seriously encumbered by the usage of performance enhancing supplements, let’s just say it is really important that caution and safety be adhered to if you are going to give in to Ego and begin cycling. Steroids are best used in cycles, which come clearly explained in manufacturer’s notes with the package of the drugs you get delivered to your door. You will want to be sure that you are replacing estrogen in your body, despite taking a steroid to remove such hormones that are produced naturally and suffer as a result of your introducing synthetic hormones into your bloodstream. You will want, above all, to always listen to your body and not go crazy, tossing the recommendations of the manufacturer and physician to the wind as you take off towards bodybuilding fame and fortune. Fame and fortune are temporal and fleeting. But kidney dialysis is forever. Use caution. And if you are going to inject instead of take pills or tablets, for God’s sake, buy a good supply of hypodermic needles and do not reuse them! Don’t even touch a flame to them. They aren’t really designed for reuse and you run an inordinately large risk of contracting some awful infection, even if you are the only one using that particular needle. Read more here – – best steroid cycle

Truth is, you really don’t want to stay on this stuff without cycling and giving your body time off. Steroids are harsh stuff and they radically alter your body. Even after you are off them and everything seems to have returned to some semblance of normalcy, the drugs will continue to have an effect on your body for quite some time after your last dose. Again, listen to your body and exercise caution as you exercise your quads and glutes.