List Of Good Pro Hormones On The Market

Unlike the steroids that are widely known by everyone who has ever thought about losing fat or gaining mass, the prohormones are relatively known even among experienced bodybuilders despite their many benefits and great potency. Like the steroids, the best prohormone supplements are beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders looking to get the best results in their cycles but with varying effects mainly because of the unique way that they work to achieve their purpose. They can also be used for cutting, bulking, performance enhancement and strength gains.

Some of the reasons why bodybuilders buy legal prohormones include the ability to increase muscle mass, increase strength and endurance, boost sex drive, increase aggression and competitive spirit, promote quick recovery and enhance the definition of muscle groups and facial structure. However, it is important to note that different prohormones for sale work differently and thus, they tend to have varying strengths and effects.

Review of the best prohormones on the market


Methylstenbolone is one of the recently released best prohormones on the market with strong muscle building capability and ability to promote mass and size gains. Its benefits range from mass gains to size gains, strength gains, fuller muscles and bulking. It also does not convert to an estrogenic metabolite or even have the affinity for the progesterone receptor. This means that the Methylstenbolone does not have the off-putting estrogen side effects, which is a rare to come across in the prohormone supplements world. To get the best results from Methylstenbolone, you should consider taking a daily dosage of 4mg to 16mg for a period not exceeding four weeks. With a 12mg daily dose on a 4-week cycle, you can expect to see up to 20lbs gains when used for bulking and up to 6lbs gains when used for cutting with as much as 3-percent of fat loss.


Halodrol is a popular pro hormone that can be run alone or stacked with other non-methylated substances for improved vascularity, muscle size and strength enhancement, enhanced pumps, and improved recovery. Another reason why it is popular among athletes who buy prohormones online is because of its ability to promote fat loss while preventing catabolism. The high Halodrol anabolic to androgenic ratio has enabled it to trigger consistent dry and hard muscles among bodybuilders preparing for competitions. In fact, some athletes have reported up to 15 pounds of lean muscle gains during a 5-week 75mg daily dose cycle when bulking and up to 4-percent fat reduction and 5 pounds of lean muscle gains when used in a cutting cycle.


When it comes to the most potent pro hormones, you will not find a list that ends without the magical Superdol being reviewed. In fact, its name was coined from its common descriptive phrase of being a super Anadrol, which was the most potent mass builder on the market at the time. The Superdrol’s potency and intensity make it popular among athletes looking to optimize their body’s ability to increase protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Its potency makes it perfect for individuals looking to boost their size and mass gains and increase their overall strength without much androgenic activity in a 4-week cycle.


Unless you are an experienced pro hormones user, you should always start your cycle with the lowest effective dosage to reduce the likeliness of side effects.