The Many Faces Of Adrol Steroids

Originally developed to help people with anemia, Anadrol steroids have been used to treat many other disorders as well. It is usually called “A-bombs” or Adrol 50 among body builders. It promotes weight gain and gaining strength. This is the reason that body builders discovered it and want to buy Anadrol.

The Anadrol steroid molecule is similar to its parent, testosterone, but it is a derivative of that molecule, so it has different properties. Those properties are what makes this anabolic steroid the choice among athletes looking to buy Anadrol 50. It enhances performance as well as it is a bulking steroid, making body builders and athletes alike use it and try to find Anadrol for sale’s.

Adrol is an easy steroid to use. You inject it or take the Anadrol tablets with the precursors. Not recommended for women to use, however. This is a great performance enhancer, however. It will help improve strength and endurance in worked muscles, and that is what athletes like runners and long distance swimmers want.

Anadrol pills have the strange effect, though, of being very useful and active for three weeks, and then the effects seem to disappear, even if another dose is taken. This is a case where “less is more” in the steroid department. The best thing to do is taper off of it for four weeks and then go back on, or simply use a monthly cycle with it. When people buy Anadrol, they need to be aware of this peculiarity. When they buy Anadrol online, they need to read the entire directions and side effects on the web page before buying the Adrol pills.

If you use the oral version of this steroid, it is very important that you not take any over the counter medicines. This will destroy the effect of the steroid and will hurt your liver as well. This steroid survives the chemical matrices of going through the liver, and any other liver-traversing chemicals will likely change the molecular structure of the steroid.  Do not take medicines with this steroid!

Gynecomastia may be a problem with this steroid. Gynecomastia is the growing of female breasts in men. This side effect can be very disturbing, but it only happens once in a great while. If it does, it can be treated with an anti-estrogenic hormone.

Water retention, or bloating, can be a problem. A mild diuretic would help, but not something that is an over the counter medication. The best way to control this, if it occurs, is to taper off.

Hair loss among those who are genetically inclined to male pattern baldness can be problem. Taper off the steroid and replace it with another one in your stack.

Acne can show up with the use of this steroid. Avoid fatty and greasy foods. Forget the hamburgers and fries for lunch.

If you have high cholesterol, do not take this steroid. If you do anyway, avoid foods with high triglycerides, such as blue cheese salad dressing, fatty food, greasy food, and especially ice cream.