5 Signs That Show You Are Unfit And Need To Workout

Everyone should be fit no matter their age or occupation. That’s because fitness is not a choice; it should be the norm for all. Many people like to think that they are fit. But the truth is that most people aren’t. This therefore begs the question; how can one tell if they’re fit or not? In this article, read about 5 sure signs that show whether you’re fit or not.

You haven’t exercised in a long while

To be fit you have to exercise at least several times a week. You can go to the gym, you can exercise outdoors or you can work out even in your own home. If you haven’t been doing any of these things, that’s a strong sign that you are unfit. Exercise has many benefits. It helps your body to burn fat. Exercises also keep you flexible and agile. Some exercises such as cardio workouts are also great for your health, especially the heart and lungs.

You tire even after doing small tasks

If you are fit, you should be able to do things that require some effort without straining much. If you find yourself panting or tiring after doing menial tasks, it could be because you are unfit. Some of the physical exercises that shouldn’t tire you easily include walking, going up staircases, running a short distance, cycling, etc.

You’re overweight

If you’re fit, your body mass index should be within the healthy range. A good way to tell that you’re unfit is if your BMI is above average. Or in other words, if you are overweight. Being overweight means that you have accumulated lots of fat and are probably not burning calories as fast as you should. A big reason for this is lack of physical activity, i.e. living an unfit lifestyle.

Your body has little muscle

Fit people have well-toned bodies and a certain degree of muscle development. When you workout and keep fit, your body starts to build muscle in order to make you stronger in readiness for the exercises you’re doing. If you have little muscle to show, that could be because you’re not doing any exercises.

You don’t watch what you eat

You should also consider yourself unfit if you never or rarely watch what you eat. This means being conscious about what food is healthy for you and what is not. If you don’t plan your meals where you ensure you eat a balanced diet with little carbs and lots of greens or if you tend to eat lots of junk food then you are unfit.
If any of the above describes you, start doing the opposite and embrace fitness.