Tips On Reducing The Side Effects Of Anabolic Steroids

You probably already know that anabolic steroids have a number of side effects. In fact, many people have said that steroids and completely harmful, so consumers should avoid them. Well, that is not the whole truth. It is a fact that steroids have many benefits and a number of side effects that can be controlled. Failure to use any type of anabolic steroid according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer is what normally causes the side effects, which may include heart disease, liver disease and kidney damage among others. It is important to note that the best prohormone 2018 side effects can be mitigated through the following strategies:


Anabolic steroids should never be used continuously over a long period of time. Ideally, there are should be a few week’s break after a month’s use. For instance, after using your choice of anabolic steroid for one month, you should stop using the product and wait at least two weeks for the body to reverse the side effects before starting another cycle. This can be incredibly effective in mitigating the side effects. At the end of your fitness program, you will be stronger and bulkier than you were before, but without any serious side effects, find for sale steroids here.


Some steroids are known to have the opposite side effects of a different steroid. This means that they can be used together and the effects will cancel out. This means that there will be no side effects whatsoever. Stacking is a strategy for combining two or more steroids to reduce the severity of the side effects. Be sure to consult a bodybuilding expert to identify steroids and supplements that can be stacked together without causing adverse side effects to the user.

Post-Cycle Therapy

As mentioned above, cycling is an effective strategy that can significantly reduce the severity of the side effects of anabolic steroids. Instead of going into a drug-free break, however, users may want to consider using certain drugs that can help reverse the side effects of anabolic steroids. Before starting another cycle, the side effects of steroids during the first cycle would be non existent. As you can see, you can safely use any type of anabolic steroid.

The Proper Way To Use Anavar

Do you want maximum benefits when using Anavar for sale? Do you desire little or no side effects? If that is the case, you need to know about the right way to use Anavar steroids.

You Have Made a Good Decision to Buy Anavar

The decision to buy Anavar online is a wise one. This is one of the best steroids to have in a stack. It is highly anabolic. It will create an anabolic environment that will help you to build muscles quickly and effectively.

If you are still thinking about which steroid to buy and you are in a limbo, decide today to buy Anavar online. That is a decision that you will not regret. This steroid will give you value for money.

To Use Anavar Steroid Properly, Do The Following

1. Stack

Do not make the mistake of only using Anavar steroid. Yes, Anavar is good but it is not the only steroid available in the market. In addition, it does not work alone. You will need to create an assortment of steroids and use them on a regular basis.

A good stack will have Anavar tablets. These can form the base of the stack. You will also need secondary steroids. Make sure that your stack has synthetic testosterone especially if it is a beginner stack.

If you are a beginner, you should keep your stack simple and your cycle should last only a few weeks. Steroid experts can afford to complicate issues and they can have many steroids in the stack. An advanced cycle can last for months.

2. Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Anavar pills will not help you unless you commit to a healthy lifestyle. First, you need a healthy diet. Every day, you should eat protein-rich foods. That is because proteins are the basic building blocks of muscle. You also need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

A healthy lifestyle also involves exercising regularly. However, you should not over train as that will damage your muscles. You need an active lifestyle. You should sit down less and stand more. Sitting down is the number one killer in the world.

The Bottom-Line

There are many Anavar steroid success stories. You can easily find them online. To succeed with Anavar steroids, you should cycle, stack, and lead a healthy lifestyle. You also need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Winstrol Steroid Cycle And Dosages: Some Basic Facts

Winstrol is the brand name for Stanozolol which falls in a particular class of steroid. This steroid is different from testosterone in that it is known to be a dihydrotestosterone derivative and comes with a long active life as compared to most popular steroids. The bodybuilders normally use Winstrol steroid during the offseason cutting phase, i.e., at a time when they are looking to bring down their body fat percentage while keeping the level of the lean muscle mass in their body stable.

In this article, we will particularly concentrate on the dosages that are appropriate for Winstrol steroids as also on a few basics concerning winstrol cycles. But before we go onto that, let us repeat the fact of the long active life of this steroid since that plays an important part in the way you are supposed to take your winstrol doses. A long active life, in short, means that the steroid stays active in our body to up to 2-3 days. Therefore, there is no need for the users to split their daily dosages. This is particularly convenient since forgetting to take appointed dosages is a common phenomenon with many steroid users (as it is with any medication to be sure!). With Winstrol, you need to take your dose only once a day and also it doesn’t make much of a difference what time of day you take it. However, since winstrol is known to be a bit harsh on the liver (especially if taken in larger doses), it is advisable that you take your dose before a meal, so to prevent any chances of a liver upset.

Winstrol Dosages

Winstrol is available both as pills and as injections. The injectable variety comes in small vials and is typically used by more serious users. Light users, on the other hand, prefer the Winstrol pills or Winstrol tablets which are commonly available in two different dosages-10 and 50 mg. The daily dosage range for those who are on an oral Winstrol cycle is 40-80 mg. In case of injections, the dose goes up to 50-100 mg per day.

The Winstrol cycles typically last 5-6 weeks. If you are a first-time user or a recreational user, it is recommended that you keep to the lower end of the dosage range. With more experience, you may consider increasing. Heavy users however will be okay to opt for higher ends of the range and in some cases, one can even exceed the mentioned dosage range but as long as he knows what he is doing.

However, keep it in mind that the dosage mentioned here is limited to un-stacked winstrol cycles. If you are stacking winstrol with one or more other steroids, you would obviously need to consume it in smaller dosages.

Winstrol for sale

As with any other steroid, when you go to buy Winstrol you need to be very particular about who you are buying from. Counterfeiters abound in the steroid manufacture industry and if you are not on your guard, you can be easily shortchanged by manufacturers who often grossly underdose their products. The same applies if you plan to buy winstrol online.